Interior Design Courses

INDE 20 - Introduction to Interior Design

example images from the INDE 20 course

This course covers interior design principles and elements; influences of historical, cultural and functional design factors; and the selection and arrangement of interior furnishings and materials. Career options in interior design will be included.

INDE 50 - Drafting and Drawing for Interiors

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This course covers basic design drawing techniques used for interior design. Students will learn to manually draft interior floor plans, elevations, and sections in scale; including drawing furniture to scale. This course will also introduce students to the principles and techniques used in interior illustration. Emphasis will be placed on drawing and linear perspective using light, and shadow, and pencil rendering of furniture, interior finishes and accessories.

INDE 52 - Interior Environment and Space Planning

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Analysis and application of design concepts, space planning techniques and resources necessary to creatively solve problems related to the function and quality of our human environment. The concept of integrating barrier-free design, resource management and environmental psychology into a functional design is explored.

INDE 62 - History of Interior Design

Image of examples of INDE 62 course work

An examination of the history of interior design around the world from ancient times to the present. Economic, social, political, cultural, and artistic influences will be interwoven throughout.

INDE 63 - Interior Products, Materials and Lighting

Image of examples of INDE 63 course work

Introduction to products and materials used in interior design, including flooring, wall coverings, furniture, window treatments, accessories and interior lighting for residential and commercial interiors. The life cycle of products and materials used in interiors, their impact on building occupants, and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) indicators will be discussed.

INDE 64 - Professional Practices for Interior Design

Image of examples of INDE 64 course work

This course is designed to provide students with knowledge of the business aspects of the interior design profession. Topics include ethics, contracts, licensing, ordering, client-designer relationships, costs, billing and fee schedules. Students will gain experience measuring, estimating, and budgeting for a design project.

INDE 67 - Interior Illustration and Rendering

Image of examples of INDE 67 course work

Introduction to the principles and techniques used in interior illustration.  Emphasis on drawing in perspective using light, shade and shadow, and pencil rendering of furniture, interior finishes and accessories.

INDE 71 - Interior Design Studio

Image of examples of INDE 71 course work

This course covers the complete design process in planning space that is consistent with project and program requirements, applicable codes and professional standards. A variety of team and individual design assignments selected to develop proficiency in the design process will be utilized.

INDE 73 - Portfolios Development

example images from the INDE 140 course

Principles and procedures for developing and producing the interior designer's portfolio for the purpose of job interviews and client presentations. Students will create portfolios that illustrate their strengths and demonstrate a clear understanding of format, graphic design, typography, concept development, and business communication.

INDE 122 - Kitchen and Bath Design

Example images of work from INDE 122

Principles and elements of interior design for creating efficient and aesthetically pleasing kitchens and baths. Topics include space planning, equipment, appropriate materials, and building codes. Application of National Kitchen and Bath Standards for interior design. Students must provide their own drafting supplies.


All the above courses as well as additional core courses from the Architecture & Applied Technology(CAD) programs, and other elective courses from departments such as Art, Business Administration, Computer Studies & Communication Studies, come together to make the Interior Design Certificates and Major (AA).


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