3D Modeling & Animation Courses

APTECH 43Computer Modeling and Animation with 3D Studio Max - 3 units

An introduction to three-dimensional modeling and animation using Autodesk 3ds Max. Students create a variety of 3D scenes, and produce still images and short animations.

APTECH 63Modeling and Rigging - 4 units

This course covers the creation of digital characters, props and synthetic environments for film, broadcast and video games. Students design and build increasingly complex 3D sets, props, and characters. They also craft control systems for animating these components.

APTECH 64Visual Effects, Character Animation & Compositing - 4 units

This course focuses on animating digital characters in effects-rich environments. Students apply classical mechanics of movement to create expressive performances with 3D characters. Complex visual effects are covered, including CG and live-action camera matching.

APTECH 65Advanced Animation Workshop - 4 units

This capstone course focuses on animation and effects production for professional portfolio development. Students work individually and collaboratively to develop demo reels. This course also includes an investigation of career options.

APTECH 1623D Animation: Visual Effects and Compositing - 2 units

This course covers a range of visual effects (VFX) in Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects, including particle systems, dynamic simulations, and the integration of computer-generated (CG) and real-world imagery. Topics include basic motion capture, matchmoving and multipass rendering workflows.

APTECH 1683D Animation: Introduction to Virtual Reality - 2 units

This course introduces the process of creating virtual reality (VR) experiences based on computer-generated environments. Students will develop models and animations in Autodesk 3ds Max, and bring them into Autodesk Stingray to create interactive experiences.


Upon completion of the two-year program, students have a comprehensive understanding of the basic practices of designing, building, and animating 3D environments, characters, and visual effects.