Construction Management

Under CONSTRUCTION but with much progress!

The Construction Management program at Santa Rosa Junior College is currently undergoing revision. Please visit this site for updates during the Spring and Summer of 2022 for changes as they occur.

With the invaluable assistance of local professionals in the construction industry serving as our Professional Advisory Committee, we have created six new courses which we are hoping to christen in the Fall semester of 2022. Please note that these courses have not yet been through the full SRJC approval process and final approval by the California State Chancelor's Office of Education. All course and program information, including draft course outlines of record, are preliminary and subject to change before final approval.

Below are the proposed new six courses for the Construction Management Fundamentals 18-unit certificate. Click on the heading for each course to view the draft course outline of record.

CONS 101 - Introduction to the Construction Industry - 3 Units

In this course students will be introduced to an overview of the construction industry, including careers within the construction industry, roles and responsibilities within a construction firm, the construction project lifecycle and management of that process, safety issues, related agencies and organizations, and an introduction to basic construction hand and power tools. Field trips will be required.

CONS 102 - Construction Practice and Technologies - 3 Units

In this course students will be introduced to basic and fundamental standard construction methods and sequencing for residential and light commercial buildings. Regular field trips will be required.

CONS 103 - Construction Materials, Methods and Equipment - 3 Units

In this course students will explore the materials, methods of construction, tools, and equipment used in construction. Areas covered will include construction site organization, materials handling and staging, materials and product physical properties, suitable applications for different materials, manufacturing, and service life expectations.  Included will be common construction methods and building component detailing to create functioning systems. Additionally, students will be introduced to the variety of tools and equipment typically utilized to incorporate the specific materials into the construction product. The course shall discuss proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safe work practices. Field trips may be required.

CONS 104 - Construction Management and Scheduling - 3 Units

In this course students will gain an understanding of the functions and operations of a construction business as related to construction projects. Topics including the process of scheduling work, providing funding, acquiring labor, equipment, and materials for construction projects and for the general operation of a construction company will be studied. Field trips may be required.

CONS 105 - Construction Contract Documents - 3 Units

In this course students will gain experience working with and understanding the relationship between all the components that constitute typical contract documents for a construction project. Such components include the working drawings, project manual, specifications, contracting requirements, procurement requirements, modifications and addenda, and resource drawings.

CONS 106 - Construction Estimating and Bidding - 3 Units

In this intermediate level course students will utilize current industry-accepted methods for doing quantity surveys for the preparation of cost estimates for construction or bidding purposes. Course will also examine the culture and environment of the construction industry as related to construction estimates including methods, ethics, legal issues, and procedures. May include use of computer program applications.

PLEASE NOTE!!! The course outlines of record above are all preliminary and subject to change before final approval.

For information on the amazing group of volunteers who helped shaped these courses, please visit this Construction Management Professional Advisory Committee link.

For additional information or questions please contact the Architecture, Construction, Drafting & Design Programs Coordinator:
Robert Grandmaison
Office Phone #: (707) 527-4634