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Water. In California, no other resource is more vital to the state’s prosperity. California’s economic growth, competitiveness and health depends upon having a safe, reliable water treatment and delivery infrastructure, and wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system. The State’s 40 million residents and businesses rely on these systems to meet their needs over 1 billion times each day.

Opportunities in a Growing Industry

California’s complex water and wastewater infrastructure relies upon the knowledge, skills and abilities of a relatively small, highly trained and competent workforce for round-the-clock operation. The large number of employees retiring from water treatment and distribution and wastewater treatment facilities in the next decade will create a significant shortage of skilled workers in the field. Students who are trained and certified in water and wastewater technology will find ample opportunities for employment.

Good Jobs, Good Benefits

Most jobs in Water Resources Technology are available through city, county, and state public agencies; the private sector also offers many employment options. Among the benefits of a career in this field are job stability, good benefits and pay, and opportunities to be promoted, depending on level of education and state certification.

Job Responsibilities

The primary duties of trained operators in the water resources technology field focus on the proper operation and maintenance of water distribution, water treatment, or wastewater treatment facilities. This ensures that the highest quality water is produced for public, industrial systems, and agriculture usage, and that wastewater is safe to discharge into the environment. Operators work in the field and in the plant, and frequently interface with customers. SRJC’s Water Resources Technology Program prepares students for a number of careers in the field, including:

     Water Treatment Operator
     - Operate and maintain drinking water purification facilities and processes. Duties include operation and maintenance of equipment pumps, valves, and mechanical devises; conducting chemical analyses of water to assess the effectiveness of the treatment process; and maintaining related treatment records.

     Water Distribution Operator
     - Ensure that treated drinking water is safely and efficiently distributed to appropriate locations for use by the public and industry, and is made available for firefighting when needed. Since drinking water reaches its destination through a broad network of pipes under cities and towns, responsibilities also can include installation, maintenance, and repair of underground equipment.

     Wastewater Treatment Operator
     - Monitor, operate, and maintain treatment plant equipment, perform laboratory analyses of wastewater, and utilize a variety of information about the wastewater treatment process; maintain equipment, including pumps, valves, and mechanical devices; generate written reports; and maintain records.

Quality Instruction

SRJC’s comprehensive training prepares students for state certification and entry-level employment in private or public water and wastewater treatment facilities. Courses also provide continuing education opportunities for current industry employees seeking to maintain certification. Instructors are experienced water and wastewater professionals, expert and current in best industry practices. Classes include practical examples of real-world scenarios, demonstrations, and field trips whenever possible to maximize understanding of subject matter. Internships are also available.

Coursework is offered in two programs:
Water Utility Operations and Wastewater Treatment Operations. Although the skills and abilities required to work in each area of specialization are similar, each has its own career path and separate state certification test and job requirements. Students can acquire the core skills in one year to start a career.

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Water/Wastewater Program Flowchart of courses can be found HERE.

Industry Certification

The responsibility for a safe, reliable water infrastructure and systems is so vital that the workers who perform water- and wastewater related duties must be tested and certified by state agencies before they are employed.

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