Frequently Asked Questions

Does the program provide job placement services?

The program does not provide job placement services. However, the Work Experience office on campus can assist students (free of charge) with finding employment including resume writing/review, job searches, workshops, interview practice, etc. Additionally, we are working with local industry to develop and offer more internships. Sign up for our Listserv to get announcements about local job and internship openings. Review our Job Search Resource for links to online job resources.


What is a wastewater OIT?

OIT stands for Operator in Training. OIT is a certificate you get from the State Water Board that allows you to work under a certified wastewater operator while you accumulate the hours of experience necessary to become a certified wastewater operator. There are five grades of OIT certification, and five grades of wastewater operator certification. Visit our Career Information page to learn more about your options within the industry.


Will I be an OIT when I finish this program?

The SRJC program prepares you academically to pass the certification test to become an OIT. Our WWTR 120 class is designed to prepare you for the Grade 2 exam, and our WWTR 121 class is designed to prepare you for the Grade 3 exam. Some people use OIT to describe a drinking water operator in training. Our WTR 110 class is designed to prepare you for the T2 (drinking water treatment operator) exam, and our WTR 111 class is designed to prepare you for the D2 (drinking water distribution operator) exam.


I’ve taken math classes before. Can I challenge a prerequisite class?

While you are allowed to challenge any prerequisite, we recommend you take the classes we offer. The Math for Water and Wastewater Technology class (WWTR 112) covers formulas and methods specific to the water and wastewater industry, prepares you for the operator certification tests, and includes examples for real-world operations work. To challenge a prerequisite, look for the Prerequisite Challenge form on the SRJC Admissions – Forms website. Your challenge will be reviewed by the Admissions department.


How much does the program cost?

The current tuition and fees can be found on the Fees & Refund Information page.


How do I get started?

We are happy you are interested in our program. You can fill out an admissions application online, then register for classes. We recommend starting in the fall semester to get the most out of our Year-to-Career class schedule. The Introduction to Water Careers class (WTR 101) is a great way to explore the field.