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What Tools do Designers use to Communicate?
What Value does a Designer bring to a project?
Who can enroll in the Interior Design program?
Designers use many different kinds of tools to create their work. Some of these include...
  • Drawings - Hand drawing and sketching can be great tools for communicating design ideas
  • CAD - Computer Aided Design software programs allow designers to create detailed scale drawings and 3D models that are easily editable.
  • Scale Models - Physical and digital models help to show clients how designed spaces will look when completed.
  • Photography, Videography and Virtual Reality.
  • Interior Designers being Design Thinking to the project. A good designer also incorporates sustainable design practices.
  • Involving a good Designer can save money on a project.
  • A Designer can save you time by completing legwork.
  • Capitalizing on what the client already owns.
  • Access design products, custom materials, reputable contractors and craftspeople for the project.
  • Manage and coordinate work, contractors and job details.
  • Designers can create enhanced spaces that invite repeat business.


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